Thursday, February 11, 2016

Anyone looking for a good D&D campaign?

I've just posted plans for a campaign at my Tumblr blog at this link. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Twenty Years!

So, Mike and I don't really have one song that's 'our song'. Like our relationship, the list of 'us' songs has grown and evolved over the years, and I was thinking that it'd be nice to post the top five. Or...the first five I can both think of AND find a youtube video of... :P

We're a total Disney couple, so there has to be at least one here. Mike was my prince from the start, and he has always made me feel like his princess.

By the time Mike and I were getting married, I'd already been through some things that made me a complete cynic. Mike, however, was always a dreamer, and he promised to dream enough for both of us.

We were so young when we started out, and life has not always been so easy. I tell people we grew up together, but not always at the same time or pace. When I was fifteen, Mike told me that we were going to get married one day. I laughed and told him how unlikely that was. So, when we first listened to this song, we kinda just went..."Yeah. That's it."

Okay, total 80's children here. Even before we made out to this song in a car wash one day, this song made me think of Mike. The making out thing just solidified it's place on the list forever.

And to round out this list, the latest song added to our 'us' songs is also my favorite. I stumbled across this song while flitting around on Youtube one day, and by the end of it, I had tears rolling down my cheeks, and we were clasping hands and nodding. If someone wrote a song about our marriage specifically and our life together, I don't think it could be sweeter or more ideally romantic. It would just be different details.

With that, I want to just say I am really looking forward to the next twenty years and the twenty after that...and the twenty after that....and on and on.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Nineteen Years

It was unseasonably colder than expected with a wind that chilled us to the bone, and we were outside.

My veil blew up over my head as I came around the corner.

After forgetting to bring my stereo, we had to settle for music played from Mike's car speakers.

We barely got a bite to eat during the whole reception.

The best man forgot shaving cream, so he decorated the car with mustard, which took hours to chisel off in the freezing cold the next morning.

Our reservations didn't start until the next day, so when we got to Orlando, we stayed in a very cheap hotel room that...well, at least it had a bed.

For years, I wanted a do over when it came to the wedding.

Now, I'd just like another perfect honeymoon.

And the marriage?

Well, that's still going like gangbusters. It's better than I could have ever ever dreamed possible.